"voina" ("war")

a novel by vladimir kozlov

In an unnamed big Russian city, a radical terrorist group is formed. It consists of people of various ages, ideologies and views, including leftist anarchists, a right-wing nationalist, a former mafia hitman and a university student. What unites them all is their desire "to do something" and hatred for the police, which becomes the main target of terrorist attacks.

Law enforcers, headed by major Voronko, chief of the local anti-extremism department, are trying to track down the terrorists. But all their efforts are fruitless as the group is deeply underground and its actions defy rationalization.

Simultaneously, a commune of young people who say they have escaped modern civilization is discovered in an abandoned village not far from the city. The police suspect that the commune's members might be behind the recent terrorist attacks…


vladimir kozlov on "voina"(in russian)